Monday, February 23, 2009

Giving Up Blogging and Reading Blogs for Lent

(A version of the following was previously posted on Southern Appeal and What's Wrong With the World)

I have decided that for the Season of Lent that I will give up both blogging and reading blogs and bulletin boards (with the exception of this blog). Both activities have become so much a part of my day that I need to reorient myself toward those things that are of eternal and lasting significance as well as to give something up that would really hurt. The only blog that I will read and contribute to is this one, Return to Rome. But if and when I write, it will just be on topics pertaining to my Christian faith and spirituality.

So, starting on Ash Wednesday, February 25, I will cease both blogging and reading blogs until Easter Monday, April 12. Consequently, I ask my friends and acquaintances to please not send me links to blogs or bulletin boards during the Season of Lent.

For the record, on Ash Wednesday I will also be dismantling my Facebook page, something I took back up after saying on Southern Appeal several months ago that I was through with it. (I caved to peer pressure on that one, if I may confess).