Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2007 Interview on EWTN's The Journey Home

On September 24, 2007 I was interviewed by Marcus Grodi on EWTN's program, The Journey Home. You can watch the episode here.

I am scheduled to appear again on The Journey Home on September 14, 2009. It will be a special live open-line call-in episode celebrating the 12th anniversary of the program. I am honored and humbled to have the received the invitation.

For more on Marcus Grodi and his work, go to the website of The Coming Home Network International.


Tito Edwards said...

Good interview.

I like your enthusiasm for our beautiful faith.

St. Joseph's, I remember when they were just beginning to build that church off of Sahara many years ago. It's one of the more orthodox parishes in Vegas from what I hear now.

spunspero said...

Dear Francis,

I just listened to your interview on Journey Home. I deeply appriciate your respectful and honest approach. I am standing at the banks of the tiber and am struggling with Mary. I am comfortable with the Hail Mary, but actually seeing much of the devotion, statutes and practices, and hearing some of the prayers and her prominence is difficult for me. Do you have any suggestions, ideas, readings?

Francis J. Beckwith said...


Let me recommend Mark Shea's recent work as well as a small booklet by John Henry Newman, which you can get here: http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/newman-mary.html