Monday, August 24, 2009

St. Peter's Catholic Student Center at Baylor University

On August 23 I attended 9 pm Sunday mass at St. Peter's Catholic Student Center. Serving the Catholic students at Baylor, St. Peter's is adjacent to the university's campus. Because August 24 is the first day of the Fall Semester, I wanted to approach the new school year with an attitude of prayer and thanksgiving. After spending last year at the University of Notre Dame while on sabbatical, it's nice to be back at Baylor. I can't wait to get back into teaching. I will be teaching the courses this semester: Philosophy of Law and Critical Thinking.

During my year at Notre Dame, a Catholic Student Association (CSA) was formed at Baylor. According to the St. Peter's website, the CSA "Is the first non-baptist religious organization to be formed at Baylor University since its establishment in 1845." It even has a Facebook group!

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