Saturday, October 17, 2009

Entire Summa Contra Gentiles is online

You can find it here.


Reginald de Piperno said...

Dr. Beckwith,

I happen to have a print copy of this edition, and it is fantastic. It's the only one in English that I know of that is actually unabridged.

I discovered that link myself a while back, and I was concerned that it might be a copyright violation. Maybe you understand things better than I about that (which wouldn't be hard!)? Isn't the copyright still in force on that edition, since it's only from the 1950s?



Francis J. Beckwith said...


It looks like the editor himself, Fr. Joseph Kenny, posted it on a site that bears his name. So, I don't think the copyright has been violated.


Reginald de Piperno said...

Dear Dr. Beckwith,

I'm not sure that Fr. Kenny is actually the editor of that edition. He's not listed as such in the actual books (I just checked); furthermore, he didn't list it in his CV here. In fact, according to that page he only completed his BA in 1959, but the book was actually published earlier in the 1950s (Book I in 1955; Book II in 1957). My guess is that he's taking credit for having edited the HTML version. That would make sense, since it's on his website, but that by itself wouldn't remove the copyright violation.

I'm definitely not trying to give you a hard time, and I certainly wish that an unabridged English version of the SCG was available online without violating copyright. It doesn't seem like this is it.



Nick said...
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Nick said...

NICE! Bookmarked!