Sunday, October 11, 2009

Great Reformation Excerpts

For those interested in learning more about the Protestant Reformers' understanding of a variety of doctrinal concepts and ideas, let me recommend a web page on the site of Professor R. Scott Clark of Westminster Seminary, California. It is a collection of extended and brief excerpts from the writings of the Reformers as well as several confessions. Here is the title as well as the topics covered:

CLASSICAL COVENANT THEOLOGY edited by and some translations by R. Scott Clark
  • On Law and Gospel
  • On the Covenant of Redemption (pactum salutis)
  • On the Covenant of Works (foedus operum)
  • On the Covenant of Grace (foedus gratiae)
  • On Justification
  • On Union with Christ
  • On the Administration of the Covenant of Grace
  • On Assurance

You can access the web page here.

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