Thursday, October 8, 2009

Politics for Christians: Statecraft as Soulcraft

That's the title of my newest book. The publisher's web page for the book, along with its cover, just appeared online this week.

Politics for Christians will be released by InterVarsity Press in March 2010. It is not an academic monograph (like Defending Life, which was published by Cambridge in 2007), but a brief introduction to the study of politics for Christian college students. But it's not activism oriented. It is geared toward dealing with the philosophical issues that percolate beneath the religion-politics discussions that are ubiquitous in the public square. Here's what the publisher says about the book:

Politics is concerned with citizenship and the administration of justice--how communities are formed and governed. The role of Christians in the political process is hotly contested, but as citizens, Francis Beckwith argues, Christians have a rich heritage of sophisticated thought, as well as a genuine responsibility, to contribute to the shaping of public policy.

In particular, Beckwith addresses the contention that Christians, or indeed religious citizens of any faith, should set aside their beliefs before they enter the public square. What role should religious citizens take in a liberal democracy? What is the proper separation of church and state? What place should be made for natural rights and the moral law within a secular state?

This cogent introduction to political thought surveys political science, politics and government while making the case for how statecraft may genuinely contribute to soulcraft.

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SemperJase said...

Very similar to Archbishop Chaput's "Render Unto Caesar". This is a good thing. It is way past time that Christians responded to the idea that our faith should not inform our politics.

I look forward to seeing it.