Monday, November 16, 2009

Worst Christian Pop Song, Ever?


Principium Unitatis said...


This one has to be in the running too.

In the peace of Christ,

- Bryan

John Thayer Jensen said...

Don't be a grinch - it's cute!

Deacon Josh Miller said...

I actually like this one. Most Christian Pop tries to be serious, but ends up so campy that it makes me laugh -- if I can get past cringing.

This song, though, is pure camp from the start.

Kevin Jones said...

There's also Jesus People's deliberately cheesy Snatched Up

Francis J. Beckwith said...

Bryan, you are correct.

John, I am not a Grinch; I am a Cat in the Hat.

Deacon, just be grateful it didn't call the Eucharist a Scooby snack.

And Kevin, I wish we had all been ready.... for that!

Anonymous said...


Chris Rice is an extremely talented artist who has a knack for making a point through humor, irony and little stories.

I think the song is awesome and makes a great point. Parents: turn off the TV, your kids aren't going to learn your values through that medium.

Just my 2 cents.

Philip said...

Dr. Beckwith,

In my humble opinion, all Christian Pop is the "worst, ever." In fact, all pop, Christian or heathen, should be cast into a fiery pit.

On top of that, I disagree with the singer's lyrics. I think that all these good-hearted cartoon characters would break out into Sacred Polyphony or Gregorian chant rather than "ra-ra-ru-jah".

Thank you, Doctor, for your faithful witness to the Catholic faith.

In the peace of Christ,


Hodge said...

This is pure garbage. The Jews were terrified to even mention God's name and here this evangelical's "buddy view" of God has caused him to think that it would be "cute" to put the divine name in what can only be described as empty speech and foolish jesting. These people ought to be rebuked and placed under church discipline if they persist. I see no difference between a distortion of who God is through false doctrine and a distortion of who He is through an irreverence that uses His Holy Name, which represents His person, as a pun.