Monday, March 29, 2010

Larry Norman: The Great American Novel

One of my all time favorite songs, even though it leans a bit to the Left in places.  It's resistance to tyranny and injustice is what it makes it so attractive.

I know, of course, that Larry Norman was a complicated cat. See, for example, this documentary. Nevertheless, I still love his music, even though it seems as though his character was deeply flawed.

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Tiber Jumper said...

As an early "Born-again christian" we spent hours listening to Larry Norman in our college dorm rooms. we listened to him on these large black vinyl discs on strange machines called stereos. Ah, those were the days. One of my friends purchased all his records that he had done up to about 1978, so we got a lot of vintage Norman. so sad how things went for him later in life.
Perhaps you know this, but Larry Norman had something to do with the conversion of Dale Ahlquist to Catholicism via Chesterton!
check out this link here