Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Prolife" theologians offer support for Obamacare and its abortion funding

In a move that I find incomprehensible, some of my left-of-center brothers and sisters in Christ are calling for the passage of Obamacare, which, as we have seen, includes federal funding of abortion. Moreover, given the scope of what is being proposed, these well-meaning theologians in fact (whether they realize it or not) are supporting legislation that in effect wrests the authority of the church's hospitals and turns it over to the coercive power of the government. The fact that such a staunch Baptist church-state separationist like David Gushee would support such a move is stunning. In other contexts, there is no doubt that my friend David would not support the state telling the church how to counsel its parishoners or what counts as appropriate content of its theological anthropology. But by supporting this government takeover, David is in effect telling the government that it is permissible for it to use its monopoly on coercion to dictate to the church's hospitals what their understanding of the nature of human persons should be.

I'm always amazed that those who think the name of Christ is sullied when citizens call for public schools to advance Christian ideas have no trouble with the government using Christ's hospitals to sully the church's understanding of the good, the true, and the beautiful.


Keith DeRose said...

there's also these lefties:

Francis J. Beckwith said...

God love ya, Keith, but you should read the entire January 26 letter:

It reads more like a request for a do-over with a stronger emphasis on protecting the unborn and the consciences of prolife health care providers, both of which are not found in the current bill. Perhaps I am not reading it correctly. But that's what it seems like to me.

What the bishops are concerned about is the hegemony of secular intolerance that will punish those who do not acquiesce to this understanding of the human person.

Keith DeRose said...

I've read it. Based on the letter, I'm inclined to think that if we just let the bishops write the health care reform legislation, we might end up with something that is in many very important ways far more progressive -- and more to my liking -- than the weak tea that it looks like our nation's courageous legislators will be coming out with. (Though I guess it's too early to say with certainty just what amendments the dems will be putting into the reconciliation package if they manage to get to that point.)

Jae said...

All protestant churches historically follow the lead of the Anglican church...from 1930's the artificial contraception to now on gay-marriage, abortion stem cell, cloning etc.....mostly cave-in to the pressures of the secular world.

Jesus said, "..and on this rock I will build my Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it" - thanks be to God for the Catholic Church.

Peace :D