Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clark H. Pinnock has Alzheimer's

I am sad to report that Evangelical theologian Clark Pinnock has Alzheimer's Disease. Although I have had my disagreements with Clark on a variety of theological questions, our interaction has always been congenial and friendly.  Over the years my respect for both his intellect and love for Christ has grown.

During the time in which the Evangelical Theological Society's executive committee was dealing with a possible vote by its membership on the question of whether Clark (along with John Sanders) could
remain a member, I worked with Clark and the then-ETS president David Howard behind the scenes in order to ensure that Clark was treated fairly. (I was not, at the time, a member of the ETS executive committee).  And even though I believed, and continue to believe, that Clark's view on the Openness of God was inconsistent with Nicene Christianity as well as the Scriptures, I did not, and do not, think that his views were inconsistent with the ETS doctrinal statement. (My comments on Clark and ETS may be  found here).  This is why I offered my services to Clark and voted against removing him from the ETS.

My prayers are with Clark and his family.

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