Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My review of Scott Klusendorf's The Case for Life

This was just published in the most recent issue of First Things  (May 2010). Here is the review in its entirety:
The author has been in the trenches of the pro-life movement for nearly two decades. Not only has he equipped tens of thousands of pro-life citizens in hundreds of seminars and workshops, he has also participated in scores of debates with abortion-choice advocates. These experiences have clearly helped hone Klusendorf’s talent to communicate the pro-life view clearly, without sacrificing logical rigor.  
I was surprised to learn from this book that there are still fundamentalist separatists within the evangelical world (Steve Camp, for example) who believe it compromises the gospel for evangelicals to join with Catholics and non-Christians in supporting a culture of life. Klusendorf carefully demolishes this view while not acquiescing to a theological relativism.  
This is a rare tome: an accessible defense of the culture of life that offers practical advice and insights while not shying away from some of the more sophisticated challenges found in the academy, on the Internet, and in the news media. Consequently, this is the sort of book that should be in the hands of pro-life citizens who want to enter the public conversation but find it difficult to explain to their critics why they believe what they believe.

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