Monday, May 24, 2010

Catholic Sex Abuse: Blunt Q & A

My Baylor colleague and fellow Catholic, Trent Dougherty, has posted a clear and candid question and answer entry on his blog, "X-Catholics" (That is, Generation "X" Catholics). You can read it here. Here's how it begins:
Catholic Sex Abuse: Blunt Q & A

Blunt Question 1: Why do we keep hearing about so much sex abuse in the Catholic Church?

Blunt Answer 1: Because the Catholic Church is the most hated entity that has ever existed.

Blunt Answer 2: Because, as the visible body of Christ on Earth, founded by Jesus himself, the Church is and ought to be held to a higher standard.

Blunt Question 2: Doesn’t all this show that the Catholic priesthood is a refuge for pedophiles?

Blunt Answer 3: No. The rates of abuse are at or below the average for relevant contrast classes, based on current information.

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