Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan

Today, Bob Dylan turns 69.  Below is a video from a concert at Fort Collins, Colorado, performed the day before Dylan's 35th birthday (May 23) in 1976.  The song, "Idiot Wind," is a harsh song, but one that I listened to often during some difficult days at Baylor between March and September 2006.

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Charles Kinnaird said...

Thanks for remembering Dylan's birthday. To me, Bob Dylan is a true poet. Even though I was aware of songs like "Blowin' in the Wind" and Tambourine Man," I first started listening to him with his "Slow Train" album. I was big into the "Jesus Movement" back in the 1970's - loved the Christian rock that was just beginning. Dylan's album went beyond the typical "Jesus music" as we referred to Christian rock in those days.

From there I began to discover the older Dylan music as well as follow his subsequent musical offerings. He has continued to surprise fans and critics alike. I thought "Infidels" was his best, but I suppose eveyone has their favorite Dylan album. Have been intrigued by his focus on the blues in recent years.