Friday, May 21, 2010

Intelligent Design and Me, Part III: A Response to Some Critics

Following up on a two-part series I published in March on the BioLogos blog, this morning I published a third installment, "Intelligent Design and Me, Part III: A Response to Some Critics." Here's how it begins:

On March 19 and 20 of this year I posted two brief essays on the BioLogos blog (Part I and Part II). In them I summarized my own intellectual journey on the issue of Intelligent Design (ID). Since their publication, many responses have been published online in the comment threads of this and other blogs. Dear friends and respectful acquaintances offered some of these critiques.
Given my ontological finitude, my publishing and teaching schedule, as well as my increasingly diminishing interest in the topic, I could not and can not respond to each and every criticism, though I know that virtually all of them were offered with genuine respect. It is my hope that in this brief, and no doubt inadequate, reply that I can replicate my critics’ sincere deference.

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A fourth installment will appear tomorrow on the BioLogos blog.

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