Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baylor's Ph.D. program in philosophy ranked #18 (out of 112 doctoral programs in U.S.) in scholarly productivity by Academic Analytics

This is great news for our Baylor PhD program in philosophy. You can read more about it here. According to the Baylor press release:
Several [Baylor] Ph.D. programs that were launched or grew rapidly during 2012 have already joined the nation's best, according to Academic Analytics. 
Philosophy, which did not begin recruiting doctoral students until 2004, is ranked No. 18 nationally out of 112 doctoral programs in philosophy in the Academic Analytics database. Political science and sociology, two other relatively new doctoral programs at Baylor, were in the top quartile of all Ph.D. programs in their respective fields.
You can read more about the Baylor Ph.D. program in philosophy here.

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Tobias said...

Awesome stuff! Another validation of my desire to be there.