Saturday, June 12, 2010

Glenn Beck on the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Council of Nicea

Found this on Sancte Pater via Aggie Catholics:

Read the transcript here.

I'm surprised that Glenn Beck did not tie the Council of Nicea to Woodrow Wilson and the American Progressive Movement. :-)

Political conservatives who like Beck's style and audacity should take his history, especially his church and theological history, with a grain of salt. Whatever truth he speaks on political matters is diminished by these ridiculous outbursts of historical fiction.

If you want an accurate account of what happened at the Council of Nicea go here. Also, Mark Shea, at the National Catholic Register, eviscerates Beck's arguments here.  From a Protestant perspective, go to Razorkiss, who also offers a critique of Beck.


Neil Parille said...

Mark Shea said that Catholics should "consider the possibility of getting their education in history, civics and religion from somebody who actually knows what they are talking about . . . ."

My thoughts about Mark exactly.

Peter Sean said...

I don't watch Beck, but I am generally of the opinion that he was doing a good job of providing a fair backstory on policy issues that we are facing. Beck loses a lot of credibility by tossing in Mormon presuppositions - which are wrong in so many ways - as neutral facts.