Monday, July 12, 2010

Alliance Defend Fund representing Dr. Kenneth Howell

Dr. Kenneth Howell, as I noted here, recently lost his adjunct religious studies appointment teaching Catholic studies at the University of Illinois because he in fact had the temerity to teach Catholic studies. (A student in the course was upset that Dr. Howell offered in class and in email correspondence the natural law case against homosexual acts, explained why the Catholic Church believes that account, and that as a Catholic Dr. Howell accepted  it as well.)

I just found out, via First Thoughts at First Things, that the Alliance Defense Fund is representing Dr. Howell and has just sent a letter to the president of the University of Illinois asking that it reinstate Dr. Howell. The pdf of the letter is here.

(On the right is a cover and link to the Amazon page of Dr. Howell's latest book Ignatius of Antioch & Polycarp of Smyrna: A New Translation and Theological Commentary)

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