Thursday, February 14, 2013

Benedict, Dawkins, and the Fullness of Reason

That's the title of my latest entry over at The Catholic Thing. Here are some excerpts:
Within hours of Pope Benedict’s announcement that he would resign the papacy, confirmation of the truth of those  theological insights [from his Regensberg address] came rushing through cyberspace in a variety of comments issued by the Holy Father’s most hostile critics. It would be a mistake to say that the irony was lost on these pundits, since the irony was never within their grasp to begin with....

Although I could provide several examples, one stands out as that than which no greater irony can be conceived. Soon after Benedict announced his abdication, the eminent science writer and Oxford professor, Richard Dawkins, sent out this tweet: “I feel sorry for the Pope and all old Catholic priests. Imagine having a wasted life to look back on and no sex.”...

But given his diminished understanding of reason, Dawkins must deny that even he can issue such judgments by means of his rational powers. Consequently, on Dawkins’ own account of reason, his verdict on the pope’s life is the cerebral equivalent of covert flatulence gone terribly wrong: not silent and not deadly.

Read the whole thing here.

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