Monday, October 28, 2013

R.I.P. Lou Reed

Lou Reed, founding member of The Velvet Underground, has died. Although I did not always agree with Reed's politics or views on religion, I was deeply moved by his art. As my friend, Rod Dreher, notes, "He was a broken man — he wrote and sang about very dark things, including drug addiction and prostitution — but out of that brokenness came beauty, at times, and even grace." Other than Bob Dylan, Reed was about the only performer that I would have liked to have met.

What follows are videos of two songs. The first, "Jesus," is performed by the Velvet Underground, and is sung by Reed. The other, "Romeo Had Juliette,"  is from Reed's amazing 1989 album, New York.



I confess that Reed is not everyone's cup of tea. Given my own beliefs, I probably should not like his work. But I do.

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