Friday, November 15, 2013

Obamacare Death Spiral Blog

Called the "ACA Death Spiral blog," I just came across it via the Faculty Lounge blog. It is run by Seth Chandler, a law professor at the University of Houston Law Center. It seems like a real good resource to understand some of the complicated issues that are arising as a consequence of the Affordable Care Act. Here's how Professor Chandler introduced his blog in his first post (13 November 2013):
This blog is going to chronicle what I believe will be the implosion of the Affordable Care Act.  I do not believe the Exchange based system of providing health insurance without medical underwriting is likely to work or that, if it does, it will not need far more massive propping up from federal taxes than is conventionally recognized. We’ll be looking at current events, the history of the Act, important court cases, and regulatory developments. Our tools will be a careful review of primary documents, some graphical and mathematical analyses, and references to important and insightful articles written by others.

Also, there is more to the Affordable Care Act than the Exchanges.  There is more than the individual mandate. There is the employer mandate, the complex systems of federal reinsurance needed to backstop the Act, the reintroduction of medical underwriting under the “wellness label” and so much more.  We’ll try as time permits to take a look at developments in these important areas too.

I recognize that many are writing on this topic and that it will be hard to stay a pace of such a fast moving target.  But I do feel that there is a need for some hard and at least somewhat scientific look at what is going on.  It will be my goal and burden to try to provide that in the months ahead.

Oh, and who am I?  I’m Seth Chandler, a law professor at the University of Houston Law Center.  I’ve taught insurance law, including life and health insurance law, for many years, been a co-director of the Health Law & Policy Institute, and done considerable work on the economics of insurance and its regulation.  I’ve been very active using Mathematica, a system for doing mathematics by computer, and have shown how this tool can be used to analyze legal systems and many issues in insurance law such as adverse selection, moral hazard, correlated risk and a variety of issues in life, health, property and casualty insurance.

I should also add that the views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the University of Houston.

The blog can be found here.



Manny said...

All I know is, I want to help the death spiral along. What a piece of crap of legislation. I can't believe anyone actually thought this through. And they shoved this crap down our throats and had to lie that it wasn't based on taxation when that was the only way to "make it consitituional." The ACA, otherwise known as Obamacare, ranks with the all time worst pieces of legislations ever in the history of this country.

Sven2547 said...

Since healthcare is clearly an issue worth writing about, I'm wondering if/when any of the Catholic bloggers at Patheos will ever talk about the story of Tamesha Means, and the impact that lawsuit will have on healthcare in this country.

Wlg Gabbert said...

My god what is going on in my country. I am a retired police officer and residing in the philippines so this crap really does not effect me. I am a proud american and love my country but how can americans allow this to happen...? This is dictatorship and socialistic mentality in its most basic form. Obama and his crew have held America hostage in order to impliment this insane healthcare program that does nothing but hurt american middle class, as if the middle class really needs to suffer anymore at the hands of the government that is elected to protect your rights. Wake up, this obamacare shit is a violationof the American ideals of land of the free and home of the brave. The land of opportunity which has made the country so great. Obamacare has takenaway the basic fundamental rights of americans to freedom of choice and has now declared it a crime not to participate in the program. Yes I said crime as you will be santioned by fine, tax, fee or whatever else they want to call it if you do not comply with them. Sounds like a due process issue to me. Who elected these morons in the first place. This is clearly an issue which the american public should have voted on, yet it was all done and settled behind closed doors and now we have to suffer the outcome. ALL STATES NEED TO CALL FOR A SPECIAL ELECTION TO REPEAL THIS LAW. Granted there is a need for affordable health care for people but I can not help but think, that out of all the educated people and politicians this is all they can come up with...? It is a sad sad day in america

Wlg Gabbert said...

I agree...... all about money money money.