Monday, August 24, 2015

An important new blog on moral and social issues

My friend, David Boonin, a philosopher at the University of Colorado (where he also serves as the department chair), has recently put together a philosophically serious blog, What's Wrong?. Self-identified as "the not quite official blog of cu-boulder's center for values and social policy," it includes on its advisory board not only your truly but also Elizabeth Brake (Arizona State), John Corvino (Wayne State), Robert George (Princeton), Dale Jamieson (NYU), Christopher Kaczor (Loyola Marymount), Jan Narveson (Waterloo), Nancy Sherman (Georgetown), and Bonnie Steinbock (SUNY Albany).

Although David and I sometimes find ourselves on opposite sides on a variety of social and moral questions (e.g., abortion), I have great respect for his intellect as well as his careful and rigorous manner of argument. I am confident that this blog will prove to be an important place at which philosophers from differing perspectives can dialogue with one another.

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Theodore Seeber said...

I'm not sure I can stomach reading there. Academics who don't have to deal with real life telling the rest of us that genocide is good is a major character flaw for any philosopher to have.


Glanced at a few. They're the typical garbage I've come to expect from modern academics utterly divorced from the natural world.