Monday, January 4, 2016

Yale's God and Human Flourishing Program: "The Same God?"

Just found this interesting collection of papers via Fr. Al Kimel's blog.  Located online at the Yale Center for Faith & Culture, you can find the papers here. This is how "The Same God?" consultation is introduced: 
The consultations immediately preceding The Same God? investigated what it means for human beings to flourish—and of the centrality of God’s power and activity to our highest flourishing considered from the standpoint of Christian theology. But what difference do alternate religious standpoints make to such an account of human flourishing, and how are we to consider the “God” invoked in “God and Human Flourishing” given religious pluralism? Specifically, to what extent can one assume the sameness of the God of Judaism, Christianity and Islam—the three great monotheistic faiths whose followers comprise over half of humanity? 
This question has a significant bearing on human flourishing: if God is integral to human flourishing, then whether this majority of humanity is worshipping the same God is a poignant question. Many Christians agree that Jews, Christians and Muslims do worship the same God, although many more Christians hold this to be true with regard to Judaism than to Islam. What remains rather unclear and largely unexamined in scholarly literature is the exact basis on which Christians claim that they do (or do not) worship the same God as Jews and Muslims—a central point of investigation for this consultation.Select papers from this consultation were published in a volume by Eerdmans Publishing Co. titled Do We Worship the Same God?  
Again, you can find the papers here.

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